Waterproof Coatings for Felt Roofing

Felt Roof Waterproofing Services from Trusted Local Roofing Professionals

Are you looking for a roofing professional you can trust in your local area? Our team at Spraycote have the knowledge and wide range of skills to assess, fix and fully renovate the exact roofing issues you may have.

The spectrum of roofing skills the team offers range from standard commercial roofing and gutter cleaning, to specialist waterproofing and coating on specific roof materials, using specialist sealants and coating products for a roof primed for all weathers and issues. Take a look at our approach to waterproofing the felt roof on your property below.

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The Spraycote Approach to Waterproofing Felt Roofs

The process starts by using a resin coating over the existing felt. This process involves a dry day, cleaning all the debris from the old felt and then sealing the complete roof with our hot applied resin overlay sprayed at 65 degrees. It puts a seamless covering on the material, meaning on completion the roof has no joints but most importantly it has no leaks.

In most cases the work can be completed in one working day, and our team provide all services with the aim of working around you, and your busy schedule. Whether you own a commercial property with a felt roof, or a collection of industrial properties in your property portfolio with thatched or a non-standard roofing material, you’re going to want a professional to get the job sorted for you. Get in touch with the team today.

Waterproofing not only seals your roof and keeps the health of the roof in check, but also allows experts to take a look at the entire roof on your property too. 




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